What Makes Berkeley-Haas EMBA Unique? Immersion Learning.

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What Makes Berkeley-Haas EMBA Unique? Immersion Learning.

Like the minds that surround Silicon Valley and the Bay Area, the new Berkeley-Haas EMBA program has been birthed around the idea that learning is built through innovation, on-the-ground learning and opportunities to practice leadership. Because of this, a whopping 25% of the Haas EMBA program happens through immersion weeks.

The Berkeley-Haas EMBA program is divided into five terms, each term comprised of five courses. Within each term is an immersion experience. Each immersion builds skills for students that will be key for success in any area.

The first term centers on Leadership Communication Immersion. This immersion is all about learning the art of communication and self-awareness. Effective leaders are not only talented; they have character that motivates, inspires and empowers. Truly powerful leaders are those who are able to take a group of people and get them to trust you as a leader. This is the foundation of Haas EMBA’s first immersion experience.

The second immersion experience is the Silicon Valley Immersion. Led by entrepreneurship expert Professor Toby Stuart, students visit San Francisco Bay Area and the Silicon Valley to learn what qualities make these areas successful. Through case studies, interviews with C-suite executives and seminars led by influential industry leaders, students will be able to link fundamental learned theory with real entrepreneurial experiences.

The Applied Innovation Immersion in term three takes the lessons learned from terms one and two and combines them by pushing students to work through every phase of the innovation cycle and deliver a workable solution.

Term four’s International Immersion is often the most anticipated immersion of the program. Students are taken abroad for a week to explore the factors that build global business success. Locations vary for each class; however, the Class of 2015 will visit Brazil for their International Immersion.

The last term is the Washington, DC Immersion. Taught by former presidential advisor Professor Laura Tyson, students are taken to our nation’s capitol to discover the unbreakable links between public policy, business and the economy. Students will get a 360-degree view of how political policy influences business at the corporate and grassroots levels. Not only will students learn from executives of major corporations – they will also hear from White House staff, members of Congress, the Fed Chair, and take visits to the US Treasury and Federal Reserve.

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