Are You Too Young, Too Old for an EMBA?

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Are You Too Young, Too Old for an EMBA?

“I’m only 27-years old. Am I too young for an EMBA?”
At MBA, we hear this question from many candidates. No, you are not too young at many top EMBA programs. We have helped candidates as young as 25-years old, for instance, to gain admission to Columbia’s EMBA program.

“I’m 45-years old. Am I too late for an EMBA?”
No, there’s not quite an upper age limit either.

Many admissions committees will tell you that in an executive MBA (EMBA) program, what matters is not your age, but the experience you have gained. Some schools skew older, some schools skew younger. But, only a restricted number have non-negotiable rules about a minimum number of required work experience years, normally around 8 (which, for a typical American would make you around 30-years old if you had begun your career at the typical age of 22). Here’s a taste below of EMBA programs and ages.

Wharton and Columbia Business School
Wharton and Columbia, which along with Chicago Booth are considered the strongest EMBA programs, have average matriculating student ages of 33-years and 34-years, respectively. This surprises many candidates, since this age average is often younger than expected. At MBA, many of our successful candidates to these programs are between the ages of 27 and 37. See our MBA article entitled, “Best EMBA Programs for Younger Candidates.”

Stern School of Business
The Stern EMBA program has been known to accept students aged anywhere from 28 to 69, with an average matriculating age of 37. In addition, a whopping 48% of the Stern student body is comprised of international students. Throughout the 22-month program, all students undergo a management curriculum and take overseas assignments, also known as Global Study Tours, providing students with a greater scope of knowledge in their given industry.

Kellogg School of Management
Kellogg’s minimum work requirement is 8 years and candidates must exhibit a depth of experience before admitted. The Kellogg EMBA is currently offered on two campuses: the Evanston Campus at Northwestern University, and the Miami Campus, open only to Kellogg EMBA candidates. Because of Kellogg’s unique international alliances coupled with a rigorous curriculum, high quality of faculty, and large percentage of students who receive a promotion upon graduation, Kellogg is considered one of the best EMBA programs.

USC Marshall School of Business
At Marshall, there is no minimum work experience required. However, almost all admitted applicants have at least 8 years of professional experience.

Cornell Johnson
Like Columbia and Wharton, Cornell has a relatively young average matriculating age, at just 36 years-old.

EMBA programs are geared toward those who are established in their career and seek to deepen their knowledge and sharpen key skills for advancement. Remember, with EMBA programs, there is no perfect age to apply. Having a valuable range of experience under your belt is key.


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