4 Months Before Round 1 – A Key Way to Improve Your Chances

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4 Months Before Round 1 – A Key Way to Improve Your Chances. On the Role of Extracurricular Activities…

Dear MBA Candidates,

Round 1 is just around the corner! This time of the year, I get many candidates asking whether it is too soon to enroll in MBA admissions consulting services for Round 1 or Round 2.

My response: Not at all!

In fact, many candidates fail to give themselves enough time to put together a perfected, well thought-out application. I strongly prefer to work with candidates sooner rather than later for several reasons; but, dominantly, working with a candidate early on can help make a significant impact in the candidate’s extracurricular activities.

Properly enhancing your MBA candidacy with extracurricular activities can make all the difference in your overall profile. Extracurricular activities can allow you to distinguish yourself from other candidates with similar profiles. Especially for candidates with limited leadership experience, extracurricular activities can help you to demonstrate your leadership qualities and commitment to the community. This point can be extremely persuasive to the admissions committees. It shows that you will contribute excellently to areas of service out of the classroom once you are in business school, thereby enriching the MBA experience for your peers.

When a client and I sit down to assess his or her candidacy several months before a Round 1 or Round 2 deadline, I am able to offer a much broader range of action steps that they can implement to enhance their extracurricular profile before application due dates. For candidates who initiate strategy sessions much later in the game – in August or September, for instance – the range of steps the candidate can take to strengthen their extracurricular activities is limited, simply because there is much less time to implement the advice received.

So, while it’s still early in the game, Round 1 deadlines are approaching quickly — how can you best improve the appeal of your candidacy? Get a thorough, objective assessment of your profile’s strengths, weaknesses, and the distinctiveness of your extracurricular activities. Then, put into action high-impact methods to strengthen your record in the months before the deadline. There are many high-impact actions you can implement based on your field of expertise and interests before deadlines, so make sure to maximize this valuable time before you hit the final “submit” button on your MBA applications. An outstanding set of well-presented extracurricular activities can – and often will – be the final nudge to tip the scales in favor of your admission!


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