London Business School Global Energy Summit

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London Business School Global Energy Summit

How can we continue to finance energy production?

How much longer will we be able to keep our iPads charging and our house lights on?

What will be the factors to solve the greater problem of providing, supplementing, and fostering global energy?

The Global Energy Summit held by London Business School seeks to answer these imperative questions.

November of 2013 celebrated the 10th annual Global Energy Summit, held by London Business School’s (LBS) Energy Club. The event brings into question and debate the impact of climate change, possible venues of thought to solve issues of global energy and energy consumption, and the role of politics in the energy market. The conference drew over 350 participants worldwide, marking it as one of LBS’s fastest growing and largest events.

The November 29th all-day event featured two highlighted panels, focusing on the all-around topic “Energy frontiers: pushing the boundaries”. The forum discussed which frontiers – whether it be economic, geopolitical, technological, environmental, etc. – the world is currently utilizing to sustain our energy demand and usage. The forum further delved into what attracts users to those frontiers, and which are most sustainable.

Speakers debated and discussed future implications, challenges, and viable opportunities for collaboration and innovation. Each of the panels were interactive, advocating active participation from audience members and fellow global energy interest holders. Keynote speakers included a range of professionals with experience in energy sectors from around the world: Claudi Santiago, Managing Director and COO of First Reserve; Dr. Christoph Frei, Secretary General of World Energy Council; Philip Whittaker, Associate Director of Boston Consulting Group; and Andrew Gould, Chairman of BG Group.

The overall goal of the conference is to provide students, faculty, academics, and professionals with a holistic, in-depth view of issues within and beyond global energy that affect the development of legislative policy and the implications that the global energy and future policy has on businesses. The event also establishes one of LBS’s biggest networking events, giving participants an opportunity to meet industry leaders, drivers, recruiters, energy consultants and academic thinkers from around the world.

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