The Admissions Test for INSEAD’s Executive MBA

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The Admissions Test for INSEAD’s Executive MBA 

INSEAD announced in early 2012 that the school will be offering a new EMBA program on its Singapore campus and, alongside the new program, INSEAD will also offer a new admissions test for applicants to use as an alternate to the traditional GMAT.

The international business school has constructed a new admissions test under the collaboration of Prep Zone, a test and exam preparatory consulting center for Dubai and Singapore and a company founded in part by two INSEAD alumni. The creation and utilization of the test will represent the first time that any MBA program has used its own private admissions test.

The reason for the move away from the traditional GMAT is largely due to the category of people who apply to the EMBA program. Generally, those who apply are older, have greater amount of work experience, and have spent many years away from an academic setting. While the GMAT measures quantitative and verbal skills, in this instance it may not be the best indicator of one’s potential to become a greater manager and leader. Under the new test, a candidate’s sense for business and cognitive readiness will be measured. In addition, the test will try to erase some of the cultural and linguistic barriers that the GMAT may inhibit, especially considering the culturally diverse student population at INSEAD.

The new admissions test will continue to test verbal and quantitative skills through multiple choice questions similar to the GMAT, but will remove portions that test mathematical standards and vocabulary, which may be unrelated to managing international business. The second main component of the new test is the mini case study. In the mini case study, a written business scenario with a collection of data will be given to be analyzed and presented orally. The oral analysis of the case study will test one’s charisma and ability to effectively communicate. The new test will be offered at each INSEAD campus on a regular basis and will also include a panel interview.

Candidates’ GMAT scores will also continue to be accepted. However, students who do not wish to take the GMAT or are unhappy with their GMAT scores may alternately choose to take the new admissions test. Test dates will continue through 2013 on the INSEAD Europe Campus, Asia Campus, and Abu Dhabi Campus.

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