The Anderson Executive MBA

Posted By SWatts on Dec 16, 2013 |

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The Anderson Executive MBA  

Aimed toward senior executives, the UCLA Anderson School of Management’s Executive MBA program ranks 7th by CNN of all executive programs in the United States. In global rankings, UCLA Anderson was ranked 23rd by The Economist and 31st by Financial Times. As such a highly ranked program, UCLA’s EMBA program requires that each candidate shows great leadership potential, has a set record of professional accomplishments, and possesses the motivation and commitment to complete intensive loads of academic coursework while  incorporating classroom learning into everyday professional life.

Executive MBA classes meet every other weekend throughout the academic year. During classes, students build camaraderie and engage in active teamwork to build a holistic and well-rounded perspective on other peoples’ beliefs, cultures, thinking patterns, values and challenges. In Los Angeles, an international hub of corporate life, students will find an environment conducive to collaboration, innovation, and an ideal base to strengthen the basics of business, problem solving, and general management. Additionally, an inarguable aspect of today’s business culture is technology. To reflect this and to prepare students to meet the challenges of constantly changing technology, students work on a daily basis with cutting-edge technology and software on their personal computers, developing proficiency in creating spreadsheets, business plans, multimedia presentations, and statistical graphics.

One of the pillars for professional growth at Anderson is the development of leadership. Anderson has identified four key competencies of emotional intelligence that the EMBA curriculum and Anderson opportunities aim to build: (1) self awareness (2) social awareness (3) effective self-management skills, and (4) successfully building and maintaining relationships. To develop these skills, students take two courses on Leadership Foundations, use online-based tools and assessments, and attend an expert series of speakers that have included: Betsy McLaughlin, CEO of Hot Topic Inc.; Wes Bush, President of Northrop Grumman Corp.; and Richard Riordan, Former Mayor of Los Angeles.

In 2011, UCLA’s EMBA program enrolled a total of 70 students in its class, thus giving each student the much-needed personal attention and treatment needed to stimulate personal and professional growth. Executive MBA students have comprehensive career services to help executives control their own careers, whether it be taking their current pursuit to the next level or shifting to a completely new area of focus. Resources available include one-on-one coaching, job search teams, executive career workshops and programs, student networking events, web-based management resources, recruiter events, and a large directory of Anderson alumni.