Are You the Right Age for an EMBA?

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Are You the Right Age for an EMBA?

Many admissions committees will tell you that an executive MBA (EMBA) program, what matters is not your age, but the experienced you have harnessed. Some schools skew older, some schools skew younger (see our blog “Best EMBA Programs for Younger Executives”). However, several EMBA programs have repeatedly accepted students with a mean age of 37. If you are right around this age, it could be helpful to know where you might best fit in. Below, we examine and compare these programs: Anderson/UCLA, Stern/NYU, Kellogg/Northwestern, and Marshall/USC.

Anderson School of Management
Although Anderson EMBA students range from ages 29 to 53, the average age of the matriculating EMBA student is 37. This should give you a fair indication of what kind of experience is required. Anderson requires at least 8 years of work experience and 5 years of management experience, and the average admitted applicant has 14 years of professional experience. Students come from a variety of backgrounds including literature, psychology, math and science, business, and the humanities, although the majority of Anderson students have earned Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees in engineering, accounting, economics or finance. Post-graduation, Anderson executive students report a raise in rank or pay grade as well as placement or continued work in a wide range of industries ranging from entertainment, government, high tech, energy, aerospace, and more.

Stern School of Business
Slightly more diversified than Anderson, the Stern EMBA program has been known to accept students aged anywhere from 28 to 69, with an average matriculating age of 37. In addition, a whopping 48% of the Stern student body is comprised of international students. Throughout the 22-month program, all students undergo a management curriculum and take two four-week overseas assignments, also known as Global Study Tours, providing students with a greater scope of knowledge in their given industry. Stern strongly values well-rounded students, which is why only two courses are taken at a time – to ensure that students are able to maintain a work-life balance. Last, although the minimum work experience requirement is only 6 years, the average admitted applicant has 14 years of professional experience.

Kellogg School of Management
Considering the fact that Stern requires only six years of work experience while Anderson requires none, it may seem surprising that Kellogg’s minimum work requirement is 8 years, and yet the average matriculating student is 37 years old, just like the other schools. However, this fact is likely a testament to the fact that, like Anderson and Stern, the admitted student must exhibit a great depth of experience before admitted. The Kellogg EMBA is currently offered on two campuses: the Evanston Campus at Northwestern University, and the Miami Campus, open only to Kellogg EMBA candidates. Because of Kellogg’s unique international alliances coupled with a rigorous curriculum, high quality of faculty, and large percentage of students who receive a promotion upon graduation, Kellogg was named number one by The Economist for the best EMBA program of 2013.

Marshall School of Business
Last on our list is USC’s Marshall School of Business. At Marshall, there is no minimum work experience required. However, almost all admitted applicants have at least 8 years of professional experience, which is advocated by the school and admissions committee as well. These EMBA programs are geared toward those who are already established in their sector, but who are seeking to climb the final steps of the corporate ladder, and for whom the EMBA may be the perfect push to get there. Remember, with EMBA programs, there is no perfect age to apply. Having a broad range of experience under your belt will be the key.

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