Columbia Business School Full-Time MBA Program

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Columbia Business School Full-Time MBA Program

Currently ranked #5 globally, the Columbia Business School (CBS) full-time MBA program attracts students both due to its highly regarded reputation as well as its premier location in the heart of New York City. Because of its high standing worldwide, Columbia MBA students do not simply earn an MBA to join a corporation or start a small business – they enter the university in order to make an impact on the world and shape how business is done. Entering into the student pool, you will be equally surrounded by students of lofty goals and talents.

The CBS curriculum and program is built around versatility to meet varying interests and needs. With over 200 electives with striking subjects, such as Innovate or Die and Legends in Value Investing, students have the choice to experience and delve into any and every topic of interest. Additionally, CBS follows a cluster system – breaking groups of students within the first weeks of class into cohorts of 60-70. These cohorts are made up of the people who you take the majority of core courses together, form lifelong friendships together, and learn to exchange and challenge ideas together.

Recognizing that all students have different needs in building their career, CBS offers January Term courses, which allow students to start in January and skip the required internship in order to obtain an MBA in 16 months instead of the usual 2 academic years. This choice is generally most desirable for students who have experience in an industry they wish to stay in.

Finally, throughout student’s term at CBS, the program offers several versatile programs to address student interests and needs, including innovative research centers, series modules on ethical challenges in business, and applying faculty research to issues currently being faced by corporations and companies. Master Classes are one way that CBS works to challenge students by taking core concepts learned in class and applying them to modern and current problems. Each course focuses on a different industry, such as marketing, consulting, real estate, or entrepreneurship. The project-base electives partner with large and small organizations, making students’ recommendations both real and often used for implementation into the organization’s strategies. For students that are looking to link classroom concepts with real-world experience in order to gain insight into an industry niche, switch gears from one industry to the other, or get a look into the workings of multiple areas of interest, Master Classes are ideal.

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