Cornell EMBA Essays 2023-2024

Cornell EMBA Essays 2023-2024

Personal Statement:

In a concise statement, tell us why you are seeking an MBA. Specifically, what are your short and long-term career goals? And, how will an MBA earned through an Executive MBA program at Cornell University help you achieve your goals?


[Please note, as of 11/9/23 the question on the Cornell website was not the same as the question that appears on the online application; it appears the website has not been updated. The leadership question in the online application is below.]

Leadership is an important theme of the EMBA experience. Describe your current leadership style and how it has evolved during your career. Consider using specific examples to demonstrate your growth as a leader.


What else would you like us to know? Please use this statement to address potential concerns such as gaps in employment or prior academic difficulties. You can also use this statement to highlight any achievements or significant life events that are not included elsewhere in the application.

Please check the online application form for this school to ensure the accuracy of the above questions and word limits.