Ding Analysis – $159, 60 Percent Off

Posted By SWatts on Mar 23, 2015 |

Ding Analysis – Only $189… Time-Limited Offer!!  (Expires Dec. 2015)

To sign up for a Ding Analysis, please send an email to info@mbaadmit.com

Our Ding Analysis provides a 33-point Assessment in which we consider the following aspects of your application and other factors as needed; we provide you

with a 30-minute telephone or audio Skype feedback session with our assessment and recommendations for next steps.  

Factors Assessed:

General strength of essay content – strategic view

General strength of essay content – grammatical/writing quality view

Strength of Recommendation 1

Strength of Recommendation 2

Strength of resume

Strength of application form

Impact of Citizenship

GMAT Score

GPA – Undergraduate

GPA – Graduate (if applicable)

Adequacy of Work Experience Duration

Adequacy of Work Experience Quality

Impact of Age

Industry – Asset or Negative?

Current Company – Asset or Negative?

Long-term goal

Short-term goal

Leadership in the Workplace

Leadership in Extracurricular Activities

Strength of Extracurricular Activities – Professional Years

Strength of Extracurricular Activities – College/Grad School Years

Reference to Hobbies

Impact of Round or Application Timing

School Selection

Effectiveness in Conveying ‘Why This School’

Effectiveness in Conveying Potential Contributions to School

Effectiveness in Conveying Personal Story

Effectiveness in Conveying Personal Attributes

Effectiveness in Conveying Skills and Experiences

Effectiveness in Conveying Strengths

Effectiveness in Conveying Uniqueness of Candidacy

Effectiveness in Addressing Any Potential Weaknesses

Overall Impressions