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Some top MBA programs reject over 85% of all applicants. It is very common, therefore, for candidates to come to us seeking assistance in their reapplication process. MBA Admit.com has an exceptionally high success rate helping candidates to gain admission to their desired schools when re-applying to top MBA programs. With the help of MBA Admit.com, these candidates have succeeded in gaining admission to schools such as Harvard Business School, Stanford Business School, Wharton, Columbia Business School, Kellogg School of Management and MIT, among others. These are the same MBA programs from which our clients had been rejected when applying without our expertise.

When working with clients on a re-application, we review the previous application for an additional fee of $180 (added to the cost of the Basic Service or Comprehensive Service for the new application). For those who wish to receive feedback on a previously rejected application only, the stand-alone fee is $320 and includes a 40-minute feedback session. If a client decides to enroll after this stand-alone session for one of our service packages, we can credit up to $140 of the stand-alone fee toward the price of the service package.

Our clients rave about the effectiveness of our services:

“Before I met Dr. Watts, I applied to five different top-10 business schools including Harvard and I did not get accepted at a single one. I was desperate and frustrated and thought my whole career was messed up. As a European student, I did not recognize the importance of the right strategy and the right key words. Most importantly, I did not know how to make the best out of my stories. In short, Dr. Watts helped me to improve my essays enormously. The interesting part was that we were still writing about the same life stories, but were explaining it with different words. Even more importantly, Dr. Watts helped me to find the right words in my interviews and to see how easy it can be to make an interview a great experience. With the help of Dr. Watts, this time I got admitted to ALL top business schools—Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, MIT, Kellogg and Columbia!!!
I know what a difference Dr. Watts made. Thank you so much for all your help and support Dr. Watts!!”

– MBAadmit.com client, admitted to Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, MIT, Kellogg


Our Ding Analysis provides an assessment in which we consider the following aspects of your application and other factors as needed. We provide you with feedback about how to improve your application and candidacy during a 45-minute telephone or audio Skype feedback session.

General strength of essay content – strategic view

General strength of essay content – grammatical/writing quality view

Strength of recommendation 1

Strength of recommendation 2

Strength of resume

Strength of application form

Impact of citizenship

GMAT score

GPA – undergraduate

GPA – graduate (if applicable)

Adequacy of work experience duration

Adequacy of work experience quality

Impact of age

Industry – asset or negative

Current Company – asset or negative

Long-term goal

Short-term goal

Leadership in the workplace

Leadership in extracurricular activities

Strength of extracurricular activities – professional years

Strength of extracurricular activities – college/grad school years

Reference to hobbies

Impact of round or application timing

School selection

Effectiveness in conveying, ‘Why this b-school’

Effectiveness in conveying potential contributions to b-school

Effectiveness in conveying personal story

Effectiveness in conveying personal attributes

Effectiveness in conveying skills and experiences

Effectiveness in conveying strengths

Effectiveness in conveying uniqueness of candidacy

Effectiveness in addressing any potential weaknesses

Overall impressions


Actionable Next-Steps

During the call, we can provide you with actionable next-steps to guide you as you consider how to strengthen your candidacy and/or application for MBA admissions.

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