EMBA-Americas at Columbia Business School

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EMBA-Americas at Columbia Business School

Among four other executive MBA (EMBA) programs offered through Columbia Business School (CBS), the most recently launched program is the EMBA-Americas, targeted at candidates from the United States, Canada, and Latin America.

CBS has long been known for its vast network of EMBA programs, reasoning that while many regular, full-time MBA students hail from all international locations, EMBA students, or professionals who are seeking an extension in their education to further their careers, often find a more difficult time obtaining a world-class MBA due to restrictions in location and taking time away from work. For many professionals, it is unfeasible to travel around the country or between countries once a week or every other week in order to complete the necessary MBA courses.

As a hopeful solution, CBS has launched the EMBA-Americas Program. EMBA-Americas meets over the course of five semesters in 20 months. One week per month, students will meet mainly at the CBS New York campus, allowing them to experience the world-renowned CBS faculty and unparalleled resources that the campus has to offer, as well as connecting them to powerful and influential business leaders in and around Manhattan. During the first year, in which primarily core curriculum courses are taken, students will also spend one weeklong meeting in the Silicon Valley, Toronto, and Sao Paolo. During each weeklong meeting in any location, students are provided with full accommodation. In the second year, students are opened to one of the largest selections available to EMBA candidates worldwide and are able to choose from global elective weeks, bi-weekly or weekly EMBA-New York electives, or any electives offered in the full-time Columbia MBA program.

The opening of the EMBA-Americas Program ran simultaneously with the closing of CBS’ Berkeley-Columbia EMBA Program, which allowed the EMBA-Americas Program to open to students sooner than predicted and with more ample resources than initially thought. All EMBA students have personal attention from and access to the Career Management Center and one of the largest networks of executive alumni pools in the country. As is evidenced by its #2 ranking both worldwide and nationwide in the 2011 Executive MBA Rankings by Businessweek, the Columbia EMBA-Americas Program will provide students with an exceptional education without hindering one’s career, all while giving students with the unique business and networking opportunities that New York and other key global destinations from Canada to Latin America have to offer.

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