Essay Mistakes Engineers/Techies Make, Pt 2: Tech-talk!

Posted By SWatts on Jun 11, 2014 |

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Essay Mistakes Engineers/Techies Make, Pt 2: Tech-talk!

Engineers and techies have a language of their own:

“I successfully contained contamination marginalities and stabilized vector variations according to MISK protocol.”

Uhh…. What does this mean?

That sentence might make sense to you (if you’re an engineer or a techie), but for the average audience, which includes most admissions essay readers, it sounds a lot like incoherent gibberish — and like a writer who does not know how to relate to his or her audience.

Remember: you’re applying to business school! Not engineering school, and not computer science school. That means that you should be using business-relevant terms, keeping the tech talk to a minimum that the average person could understand.

Your word choice matters a great deal – in essays as well as interviews. If you come across simply as a techie trying to go to business school, rather than as a young business leader who is working in the engineering/ tech/ manufacturing arena, you are going to hurt your chances for admission. Even if you do not yet have formal business training, your essays and recommendations should present you as a budding leader who is currently working in the engineering/ tech/ manufacturing arena, but who can contribute great value in a business setting.

Hence, in your applications, essays and interview you will have to work doubly as hard to tune down the tech-talk and increase the time you spend building up your business, interpersonal and leadership skills that will bring you success in the workplace. And lastly…make sure your recommendation writers do the same!

Good luck in the admissions process!