Financial Times Executive Education Rankings Are In!

Posted By SWatts on Dec 15, 2013 |

From The Staff of MBA

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Financial Times Executive Education Rankings Are In!

Harvard, Booth, INSEAD, Stanford and Ross in Top 10 

The Financial Times has released their rankings for the best open enrollment Executive Education programs for 2013. IMD in Switzerland continues to hold the number one spot, as it did in 2012. Harvard Business School was ranked number four, followed by Chicago Booth School of Business, who has slowly slid up the rankings from number nine in 2011, to number six in 2012, and finally to number five in 2013. INSEAD similarly moved up several spots from tenth place in 2012 to sixth place in 2013. Stanford Graduate School of Business also bettered its ranking from number eleven in 2012 to number eight in 2013.

One of the most notable improvements from the past two years is the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business. In 2011, Ross did not even appear on the Financial Times rankings. In 2012, it ranked number sixteen, and this year, 2013, Ross slid up an entire six spots to number ten – the biggest change in rank position out of all listed top ten schools for Executive Education programs. Ross has built their business school to offer a wide array of courses and program to meet the needs of executives from different walks of life. For instance, one weeklong Executive Education program teaches leadership through an excursion to Mount Kilimanjaro, while another teaches about building organizational culture and retaining talent in Hong Kong. Open enrollment courses are offered at the main campus in Ann Arbor as well as globally in Indonesia, China, India, and throughout the world. Executives may also earn Ross certificates in leadership and management, or a custom certificate.

Close behind Ross was Wharton School of Business, which moved up nine places from twentieth place in 2012 to eleventh place in 2013 – a similarly substantial move in ranking, which could also indicate a similar rise in ranking in the near future.

The Financial Times rankings are determined by several broad categories, including salary earned post-EMBA, career progress, school diversity, and idea generation. Additionally, all eligible schools must be accredited by AACSB or Equis and have been running for at least four years. The annual rankings are both a trademark of Financial Times as well as a well-accepted set of rankings by business schools worldwide.