Fuqua’s Cross Continent MBA

Posted By SWatts on Dec 8, 2013 |

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Fuqua’s Cross Continent MBA

Since 2000, Duke University Fuqua School of Business has offered the Cross Continent MBA program as the school’s third available executive MBA program (alongside the Weekend Executive MBA and the Global Executive MBA). The Cross Continent MBA is an intensive, fast-paced 16-month program that allows full-time working professionals to earn a global MBA while networking and building a community with fellow students who originate from over 25 countries.

The program is divided into six terms, with an optional seventh term for those who wish to add a concentration such as Marketing, Strategy, Finance, Entrepreneurship, or Energy and Environment. Each term is broken into a pre-reading period (one week), residency abroad (one week), followed by a brief break and concluding the term with a distance learning portion where students complete online courses from students’ home country (six weeks). The residency portions allow students to gain an international perspective through immersive learning by studying in Durham, North Carolina (Duke University’s home campus), Shanghai/Kunshan, Dubai, New Delhi, or St. Petersburg.

Academic content is rigorous and fast-paced, though equal in content and facilitated by the same professors as the daytime MBA program. During each pre-reading period and distance portion of the term, students are given CDs and materials to supplement and guide them through the term of online learning, and to prepare them for lectures and materials covered during global residencies.

To facilitate team learning and diverse global bonding, students are immediately placed into groups of six to eight upon entering the program. Teams change partway through the program, and then students are allowed to choose their own team members for the elective term. These teams allow students to gain a wide business perspective from various cultural viewpoints, as well as learn to work with people of many different backgrounds. In addition to networking and working with classmates, Cross Continent MBA students are open to a wide shelf of resources and have access to work and communicate with all Fuqua alumni, partner corporations that aid in research, programs and projects, and university faculty.

As a relatively new MBA program, the Cross Continent MBA provides a flexible and evolving curriculum that continues to open greater opportunities for its students, allowing working professionals to obtain the same standard of MBA curriculum with a global perspective and from the distance that allows them to maintain their current status of work.