Haas Think Tanks

Posted By SWatts on Dec 19, 2013 |

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Haas Think Tanks

Haas think tanks are open to Haas MBA students as centers for sparking innovative thought, progressive research, and enlightening students to business opportunities locally, domestically, and internationally. These thinks tanks are distributed throughout the campus and focus on five main areas of business: innovation, energy, finance and economics, international, and real estate. Below we outline the think tank hubs for each of the five areas.

Innovation. Managing ten total centers and programs for innovation at Haas is the Institute for Business Innovation (IBI). IBI brings together faculty, students, and outside businesses and corporations for the common cause of promoting, understanding, organizing and teaching innovation. Not only does IBI support Haas cornerstone programs such as the Fisher Center for Management and Technology and the Garwood Center for Corporate Innovation; it also manages an academic journal, awards scholarships and fellowships to graduate students, and hosts seminars, forums and conferences throughout the year. Competitions run through IBI have stimulated some of Haas MBAs’ most powerful ideas, including the UC Berkeley B-plan Competition, the Social Venture Competition, and Regional Venture Capital Competition.

Energy. The Energy Institute (EI) at Haas is a research hub focusing on sustainable, marketable energy products, energy policy, and the commercialization of energy tech. EI was formed as a joint collaboration between the Haas School of Business and the UC Energy Institute. Today, EI publishes some of the nation’s most cutting-edge research on energy production, regulation and markets. It also sponsors several energy-focused Haas MBA action-based learning courses such as Cleantech to Market and Energy and Environmental Markets, and holds seminars and conferences on energy research and policy.

Finance and Economics. Finance and economic think tanks at UC Berkeley are embedded through the Institute for Business and Economics Research (IBER) and the Center for Financial Reporting and Management. IBER promotes projects and research through economic tools to study managing the macroeconomic structure or firm, as well as the problems of the health care industry, human decision-making patterns, and the economic repercussions of maintaining an aging population. IBER promotes research through grants and scholarships, giving Haas students a platform from which to launch the publication of their thoughts.

International. There are two main centers at UC Berkeley that accommodate international business: the Asia Business Center (ABC) and the Clausen Center for International Business and Policy. While ABC’s mission is to merge the knowledge of the east with that of the west to foster research and innovation in Asia, the Clausen Center focuses more broadly on funding a small number of highly visible events to brings international business to the forefront of Haas MBAs. Both centers work to raise greater awareness of global economies in the developing world, offer fellowships to MBA students, and host a series of speakers and conferences.

Real Estate. The Fisher Center for Real Estate and Urban Economics represents the final broad category of think tanks at Haas, funding and stimulating cutting-edge research on real estate, urban economics, the California economy, public policy, and land use. The Fisher Center hosts real estate seminars on Wednesdays throughout the year, keeping students up to date with the most current topics surrounding real estate and urbanization. Students become eligible for the merit-based $10,000 Gerson Bakar Scholarship, the ULI Graduate Student Fellowship, and are encouraged to join the Berkeley Real Estate Club. In addition, the Fisher Center sponsors several real estate-focused competitions where students gain hands-on experience by examining issues such as investment banking, development, and managing projects on a fixed budget.

In addition to these think tanks, Haas also offers the Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership, the Center for Responsible Business, the Center for Young Entrepreneurs, and the Supply Chain Management Initiative. All Haas students are encouraged to take advantage of the rich supply of resources at their fingertips.