Importance of Strategy

Strategy is key in the MBA admissions process. With some top schools rejecting over 90% of all applicants, how you tell your story is as important as what you have to say. Similarly, whether you convey your unique strengths and attributes effectively makes all of the difference between acceptance and rejection. Unfortunately, many MBA candidates fail to include a compelling blend of topics in their applications that highlight their strengths and minimize their weaknesses. They also fail to convey their unique mix of traits that make them an excellent pick for top MBA programs. We are experts at helping clients to highlight their strengths, position themselves to stand out in the applicant pool, and address any existing weaknesses as effectively as possible. When providing our excellent one-to-one services, we first assess the overall record of our clients to determine their most outstanding achievements and attributes. We then help candidates to brainstorm about the ideal content for each essay, helping to ensure that our clients weave information about a compelling blend of accomplishments—professional, academic, extracurricular, and personal—into their overall application. By working with clients on all essays for each specific application, we help ensure that each essay adds valuable information to the overall application, underscoring the uniqueness and strengths of the candidate. If you have weaknesses you must address in your application, we help you know how to best convey information about any areas of weakness and we help to write the essays in ways that focus attention away from any weaknesses while shining a bright light on your most compelling achievements and strengths.

Our clients applaud our excellent work:

“I applied to four top MBA programs a few years ago and was not accepted by any of the programs. However, during this year’s round (which was much more difficult than the competition of a few years ago), I was accepted to Harvard, Wharton, Columbia, and Yale. I am the same person with similar GMAT scores relative to other students’ GMAT scores. The difference was in the manner that Dr. Watts helped me POSITION myself in the essays.”

– client, admitted to Harvard, Wharton, Columbia and Yale

“Dr. Watts played an incredible role in my application process. From the first moment we talked during the strategy session, I knew that I was in good hands. She devised a remarkable strategy that capitalized on my strengths and trivialized my weaknesses. Dr. Watts did a tremendous job helping me revise my essays. She gave me concrete feedback regarding areas that needed improvement. In addition, she worked directly with my recommendation writers to help them create an optimal complementary picture of my personality. I couldn’t believe that I was accepted to Columbia considering my low GMAT score!  I think it is perfect proof that Dr. Watts is a true strategist. I would warmly recommend her services to any applicant who wants to get into the top-10 MBA programs.”

– client, admitted to Columbia GSB

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