INSEAD Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Posted By SWatts on Dec 19, 2013 |

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INSEAD Entrepreneurship Bootcamp

Top companies today such as Apple, Amazon, Intel, and Canon all began with a seed of inspiration that sparked from entrepreneurship. MBA students and business leaders alike are apt to agree that the most important skills learned in academia often arise from outside school walls. The skills and visions that create successful ventures rise from the creative notion that you will achieve as big as you dream.

This conviction has become a mantra for the INSEAD Centre for Entrepreneurship (ICE) and its developed series of bootcamps. The interactive, hands-on workshops engage MBA students and alumni in rigorous off-campus, 48 to 72-hour sessions to build career plans, product vision, marketing strategy and more. Bootcamps are held nearby both Singapore and Fontainebleau campuses and are led by field experts and INSEAD professors.

Last year’s October 2012 bootcamp was held at the Singapore campus and led by INSEAD Affiliate Professor of Entrepreneurship and venture technology capitalist Paul Kewene-Hite. The theme for the 3-day session was science-technology entrepreneurship. On the first day of the series, students were presented with seven teams of highly successful scientists from the National University of Singapore and MIT-SMART. Each team introduced high-tech innovations that catered to a range of fields – health care, energy, consumer products, and IT – and spanned from the very specific and customized to the broad innovation for everyday use. After presentations, competition-driven MBA students plunged into the activity and raced to join the scientist whose team most effectively matched his or her interests. Over the next 3 days, each team worked day and night to put together a thorough and detailed presentation for real-world investors, covering every angle from product development to packaging, branding, and manufacturing. On the final day, investors examined, scrutinized and prodded each team to ensure that no corner of the business model was left untouched before announcing a final winner.

The take-away point of the INSEAD series was to not only allow students to be free from classroom walls, to spur competition, to interact with the best and brightest creators, or to learn how to create the most effective business model possible – though each of these objectives are mastered in the process. Seeing how much can be accomplished in a mere two to three days is the inspirational push for students to realize that their accomplishments will inevitably follow their dreams.