INSEAD Expanding Its Singapore Campus

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INSEAD Expanding Its Singapore Campus

In 2000, INSEAD established the first phase of its Singapore campus and welcomed 53 eager MBA students. After the 2005 expansion, INSEAD today welcomes an average of 400 MBA students, 2500 Executive MBA participants, and 47 participants in the Asia Section of the Global Executive MBA. Despite the quick and large growth of the Singapore campus’ popularity and population, INSEAD anticipates an even larger spur in student population in the future due to a large demand for business development education. For this reason, INSEAD has chosen to invest in a hefty, 6-story state of the art professional development center, to be positioned just north of the current Singapore campus. The professional development center serves the purpose of facilitating greater business innovation as well as offering a larger breadth and depth of both degree and non-degree management programs. Additionally, INSEAD plans to form close relationships with global companies in order to establish professional development centers catered to the company’s employees. In this line of thought, INSEAD will not only expand the opportunities to more MBA candidates through the new professional development center; it will also contribute to the professional growth and development of global executives in offices across the world.

The expansion of the new professional development center marks Phase 3 in INSEAD’s Singapore campus growth. The establishment of the global professional development center is expected to increase student capacity by nearly 50%. The construction of the center will revolve around three fundamental stakeholders in its creation: the individual, the follower, and the environment.

INSEAD’s greatest goal is to be the top voice in business leadership and management development in Asia. The world-class construction will not only attract a flurry of new student candidates and show the school’s ability to accommodate a greater population, but it will also act as a visual demonstration of INSEAD’s commitment to building business in Asia. Through the creation of this large new facility and by strategically partnering with companies worldwide to establish professional growth and development programs among global senior executives, INSEAD is placing itself in a favorable position to grow into an even more reputable leadership development platform than it already is. Undoubtedly, this position will not only benefit the school in its prestige and marketability, but also aid its students in making important connections with leaders worldwide and opening up unmatched opportunities for student development in the extremely competitive career arena.

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