The London Business School Full-Time MBA

Posted By SWatts on Jan 8, 2014 |

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The London Business School Full-Time MBA 

According to The Economist, London Business School (LBS) is the most well-known of all UK business schools, ranking #12 globally and #3 regionally. It combines the best aspects of a North American business education and a European education, thus making LBS a popular choice for a diverse range of nationalities. The LBS student population is 91% of international origin, representing over 62 nationalities total. That said, LBS also flaunts what may be one of the most diversified alumni networks, allowing LBS graduates to make contacts and connections with alumni throughout every part of the world imaginable, and giving LBS students a truly global experience both during and after the MBA program.

The LBS MBA program is designed for those eager to gain a rapid career progression, looking for a change in industry, or for entrepreneurs looking to gain insight to kick off their tenure in the business world. Because of its international focus, the LBS admissions committee looks for applicants who are not only keenly aware of business dynamics, who are experienced, and who are determined and capable, but also those who are culturally aware and able to easily adapt.

The flexible LBS program allows students to finish the program within either 15, 18, or 21 months, depending on your schedule, interests, and timeline. Students can take classes during either the day, night, or through module or block weeks for elective courses. In this way, the LBS program is easily tailored to each student’s needs, additionally allowing them to waive certain core courses if they have already taken courses in that area of study and being able to select 10 to 12 elective courses out of 70 possible courses offered. Students can choose to specialize in entrepreneurial management, finance, marketing, strategy, international management, private equity, economics or change management, or they can choose to study abroad through at international exchange program at any of 30 partnering universities.

One unique factor in the LBS experience is the language learning. Every LBS student is required to show proficiency in one language other than English by graduation. To gain competency, students can choose to either study independently, to take language courses at the LBS campus, or to combine the two options. Not only does this aspect of the program allow students to gain cultural awareness and adaptability; it prepares students to build respectful social relationships with colleagues and clients.