London Business School Joins the Board Ready Women Initiative

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London Business School Joins the Board Ready Women Initiative

A searchable online database titled Global Board Ready Women has pooled over 8,000 highly qualified female executives and professionals who meet strict criteria that qualify them as ready to join a company board at any time. The European Business School’s Women on Boards Initiative is heading the launch of the online database and setting the criteria that the chosen women must satisfy. The criterion for board readiness includes corporate governance, professional experiences and educational backing. The expanding list of “board ready women” illustrates that Europe and the world foster more than enough talented and intelligent women who are capable of shattering the glass ceiling and making their presence known in board positions.

Several European business schools, including London Business School (LBS), have jumped on board with the initiative, proactively voicing the importance of supporting gender equality in high-level corporate positions. Several of these business schools have worked together with the European Commission and Senior Executive Women over the past year and a half to compile the current growing list of qualified women. Employers and companies can then search the database based on their company’s prerequisites and needs to find highly qualified and competent female professionals.

LBS encourages all female students and graduates to join the list of board ready women to help females connect with recruiters, peers and companies. Current participants have noted that alumnae are often linked back to LBS through professors, personal relationships, and fundraising events, and thus the opportunity to engage in a new school-related initiative shows a promising and encouraging way to increase alumnae interaction and help former and current female students become more engaged in corporate board roles. The overall reaction from European business school participants in the database has shown similar positive reactions, each pleased and willing to help bridge the gaps in gender equality among high-level corporate positions.

The Global Board Ready Women database and debate forum will be launched in the Financial Times Non-Executive Directors’ Club on the professional business networking site, LinkedIn. To further enhance the accessibility of these qualified women’s profiles, the European Business School’s Women on Boards Initiative has determined that each woman selected for the Global Board Ready Women searchable database be simultaneously connected with BoardEx‘s Profiles in order to gain greater access to and visibility in BoardEx’s database of over 500,000 corporations and companies.


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