MBA Interview Tip: When Talking about College…

Posted By SWatts on Jun 9, 2014 |

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MBA Interview Tip: When Talking about College…

Hopefully, very soon, many of you start getting notified that you have received Round 1 interviews. Here is one quick tip I wanted to pass on for your interviews.

This is something that candidates often do wrong (when conducting mock interviews, I am actually surprised how many candidates make this mistake!).

When speaking about your college experience, avoid the negative. Some candidates had experiences they did not like. This can come in a variety of tastes… Some candidates found fault with the quality of education at their college. Some candidates wish they had attended a more prestigious college. The grievances can be plentiful. But while some of your misgivings may be very legitimate, speaking poorly about your college experience in an MBA interview can leave a poor impression. The interviewer can sometimes be left wondering how you will speak about their MBA program if something goes against your liking. Or maybe they will think that you did not get a great experience out of college, and you will feel the same way about business school.

Similarly, many candidates start by apologizing for the college that they attended. By doing this, they undercut their achievements at that college. For example, if you received an A average from a third-tier college and then remark in the interview that the education was not top-notch, your college-related accomplishments are immediately made null.

Think carefully about how you will talk about your college experience, and stay positive. Talk yourself up without sounding arrogant.

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