MIT Sloan’s Alliance with the Indian School of Business (ISB)

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MIT Sloan’s Alliance with the Indian School of Business (ISB)

MIT in India

In 1961, MIT Sloan School of Management played a pivotal role in creating and leading the first of thirteen campuses that comprise the Indian Institutes of Management, making Sloan one of the first business schools to set up a team of collaborative partners and allies in India through the institute in Calcutta, named the Indian Institute of Management at Calcutta, and helping to lead India in research and management practices while overseeing the development and education of quality management in India.

Since then, Sloan has further implanted its mark as the head of global business development in India. In 2010, Sloan partnered with the Indian School of Business (ISB) Institute for Manufacturing Excellence, assisting with curriculum formation and designating action learning projects. Currently, MIT faculty oversees the hiring of new staff, advises ISB on the development of programs and curriculum, and works together with ISB through combined research efforts – though the relationship with ISB shows potential to extend into other various aspects of the program as well. ISB is currently ranked one of the top business schools in India, and of the top twenty business schools worldwide according to the Financial Times.

The India Lab

Jointly with ISB, Sloan has created the India Lab as part of its global curriculum and action learning labs. India Labs combine classroom materials and real-world experience. Through India Labs, students are broken into teams of four students and placed on a consulting assignment with an Indian company over the course of three months. During these three months, students work closely and personally with their company on defining and confronting the issue presented by the host company. Throughout the three months, in close collaboration with the company, students create and negotiate a timetable on projected due dates and a plan for deliverables.

Because India Labs recognizes the importance of internalization, hands-on experience, and insightful analysis strategies, Sloan students begin the program in February, undertake a two-week on-site internship with their company in March, and follow with a five-week remote project assignment thereafter, where students research, collect and analyze data, and prepare for the final presentation of the proposed company solution. Host company executives are also invited to attend the final presentation at the MIT home campus to view their final proposal in person. Overall, India Lab students come away with a sharp awareness of international business, business procedures in India, and the 360-degree view necessary to deliver a quality consultant proposal.

The New Mohali Campus

In 2012, ISB in collaboration with MIT founded its new campus in Mohali, India. Specifically, MIT Sloan is helping plan the establishment of two of the new campus’ institutes: the Munjal Global Manufacturing Institute (MGMI) and the Punj Lloyd Institute of Physical Infrastructure Management (PLIIM). As inferred by the titles, MIT will be playing a critical role in the development of research and education in manufacturing and infrastructure. As India continues to be one of the fastest growing climates for business growth in the world, both manufacturing and infrastructure will be two of the most incremental sectors to master in order for India to continue its stable growth. Each of the institutes are hoped to be made landmarks in India’s national economy. The construction speaks to the expansion of its manufacturing economy and addresses specific issues such as the design and implementation of important infrastructure, including sewage control centers, water cleanliness, roadway efficiency, and power plant safety.


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