Round 2 Admissions: Your Long-term Goal as an Asset

Posted By SWatts on Dec 22, 2013 |

From The Staff of MBA

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Round 2 Admissions: Your Long-term Goal as an Asset

The long-term goals you present to the admissions committee can significantly influence your chances for admission. Keep some best practices in mind.  Use your long-term goals and distinct wording to set yourself apart and present yourself as a leader, an innovator, and someone who will be very influential in the future.

What if you are unsure about your long-term goals?  It is true that some candidates are not certain what they want to do in the long term. But, just remember that many times the applications that seem the strongest are the ones in which the candidate is able to provide a strong sense of where they intend to go in the long term.

During my work with thousands of applicants who have applied to MBA programs, I have seen the presentation of the long-term goal make a big difference. Some candidates who have come to me already rejected after applying by themselves to top business schools had made big mistakes in how they wrote about their long-term goals. Some schools will react adversely, for instance, when a candidate is too vague about their long-term interests. For such re-applicants, once we fixed how they presented their long-term goals and improved their essay content overall, they fared much better in admissions, both in Round 1 and Round 2.