Sloan Expanding Its Big Data Executive Education Program

Posted By SWatts on Dec 15, 2013 |

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Sloan Expanding Its Big Data Executive Education Program

Research has shown that companies who have developed extensive data analysis programs and who utilize Big Data research for quality control, customer satisfaction assurance, and improving workflow are more efficient, more effective, and more profitable. As the trend indicates, in the near future more companies on the advanced side of business will be gearing up to use Big Data sources for company improvement and innovation. For this reason, the MIT Sloan School of Management is expanding its already-popular Big Data Executive Education Program.

The new extension of Big Data is offered both virtually and on-campus, known as Big Data 4Dx. The course was first offered in a two-day session on April 2nd through 3rd, 2013, and proved to be an extremely popular choice, as both on-campus and online formats were nearly sold out. The course was attended by a wide range of professionals, students, researchers and C-suite executives, and co-taught by Professor Erik Brynjolfsson, director of MIT’s Center for Digital Business, and Professor Alex Pentland, director of the MIT Media Lab Entrepreneurship Program. The classroom content speaks to digital data, using Big Data for improving forecasting, and the conflict between the benefits of Big Data and the importance of maintaining privacy and ethics.

What makes this program unique is the high technology with which it is delivered. The program is executed using AvayaLive™ Engage, an interactive, web-based and collaborative software that allows in-class participants and virtual participants to interact in an environment as if they are all in the same room. Virtual participants have personal avatars, where they have the ability to walk and interact with in-class participants by virtually talking and moving around the room. For instance, as one virtual participant moves around the room, he will be able to hear voices increase or decrease as he moves closer to or further away from certain students who are in the classroom in real time. This will allow for the virtual participants to “bud in” on conversations and discussions that are happening between in-class participants at the Sloan campus. Meanwhile, in the classroom, the virtual participants are projected into the classroom so that in-class participants and faculty can equally interact with the virtual participants. This type of cutting-edge technology is revolutionary and facilitates collaborative interaction and discussion among groups of people who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to exchange ideas.