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4 MIT Executive MBA Admissions Success Tips (An “Executive MBA Expert Series” Podcast) Please click below to hear a short podcast outlining 4 tips that can help you in your MIT EMBA admissions process. Presented by Dr. Shelle, a Harvard and Oxford graduate who is the founder and CEO of MBA

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Executive MBA vs MBA

Posted By on Feb 14, 2024

Learn whether an Executive MBA or full-time MBA is the best path for you. We will explore seven factors to choose the right MBA path for...

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Free EMBA Admissions E-Book Guide

Posted By on Dec 26, 2023

FREE EMBA ADMISSIONS E-BOOK GUIDE Our 2023 free EMBA e-book, “Answers to Frequently Asked Questions,” will beavailable on Wednesday, December 27, 2023, after 2 PM Pacific Time. It coversquestions candidates frequently ask as they approach Executive MBA admissions.When going through the EMBA admissions process, candidate wonder how importanttheir college GPA is. As they fill out their EMBA application, they ponderwhether the prestige...

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Wharton EMBA Rejection

Posted By on Dec 21, 2023

Wharton EMBA Rejection – What to Do Next Today, December 21, 2023, Wharton released its Round 1 EMBA admission decisions, extending congratulations to successful candidates. Unfortunately, some candidates received Wharton EMBA rejection letters. Wharton has a highly competitive admissions process. The program is known for its stringent acceptance rates, considering factors like the quality of your essays, seniority, career...

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