Tech Treks at Sloan

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Tech Treks at Sloan

The first weeks in January mark an annual tradition of Sloan MBAs: Tech Treks. Tech Treks began in the mid-1990s by a small group of Sloan students wanting to get a closer look at employment and tech industries in Silicon Valley. Today, Tech Treks have grown to represent over 20% of the entire Sloan student body, making Tech Treks a long-awaited MIT tradition.

The 2013 Tech Trek consisted of over 150 MBAs who traveled from Seattle to Silicon Valley and Boston to gain insight into possible industries of future employment and meet industry leaders. Oftentimes, companies have a difficult time in bridging the distance gap between their headquarters and the MIT campus. By engaging students to travel to the companies during Tech Treks, students gain a head start on job searches, networking, and recruitment. Although Tech Treks are no guarantee for employment, students who are able to meet the company heads in person have often returned with a greater sense of employment outlook, company knowledge, and a greater networking web of industry leaders and Sloan alumni.

While Tech Treks initially began with the destination of Silicon Valley, today Tech Treks span the United States, from exploring the governmental agencies in Washington, DC and New York to the entertainment industry in Las Vegas or the tech industries of California. In the cities of Seattle, Silicon Valley and Boston in January 2013, students visited headquarters of Google, Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Intel, Apple, Microsoft and T-Mobile. According to many students, the energy at many employers in 2013 was much more positive than in 2012, as many employers are beginning to see the start of economic recovery.

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