The Anderson Full-Time MBA Program

Posted By SWatts on Jan 4, 2014 |

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The Anderson Full-Time MBA Program

UCLA’s Anderson School of Management was erected in the heart of the Great Depression and has since become known as a business school that brings together a truly diversified population of students – from every ethnicity, country, interest and background – to engage in camaraderie, teamwork, and collaboration throughout students’ 2-year tenure at the UCLA Anderson full-time MBA program. The accepted Class of 2015 saw nearly as many acceptances from students with undergraduate degrees in the humanities as it did students with backgrounds in engineering, economics, or business. Additionally, Anderson prides itself in student population diversity with approximately 30% of students being ethnic minorities, 34% of students being women, and 32% of students being of international origin.

Anderson offers four main tracks to satisfy curriculum requirements: marketing, finance, consulting, or a custom finance. Students choose their track based on their specific post-MBA goals, and then often choose any of ten available specializations to complement their curriculum track. The tracks and specializations, as well as the first-year core course requirements, are offered throughout the year, thus allowing students to customize their own schedule of core courses in their first year, and then of electives and specialization courses in the second year.

One of the unique programs offered at Anderson focuses on sustainability. Anderson was, in fact, the first business school to ever offer a special certificate for sustainability in its MBA program. Today, UCLA’s program, Leaders for Sustainability, prepares over 100 students annually to learn about leadership training and working hands-on in client projects for local businesses, non-profits, and government agencies. Anderson students are also active participants in the 1000 Homes competition and the California Clean Innovation Conference, along with other sustainability-related events.

Lastly, the Anderson campus offers a vibrant and active student body. Social ventures, clubs, and associations at Anderson are part of almost every student’s daily norm, including the Netimpact Club, the Challenge for Charity, and the Entrepreneurship Bootcamp for Disabled Veterans. Aside from social venture opportunities, Anderson clubs cater to each student’s unique interest to serve the variety of tastes throughout the student population. Fun clubs offered at Anderson include the Wine Club, the Microbrew Club, Anderson Eats, and a variety of athletic clubs from the Soccer Club and Tennis Club to the Anderson Ski & Snowboard Club or the Outdoor Adventure Business Club. The student association and the tight-knit student body make up one of the most unique and unparalleled features of the UCLA Anderson program.