The Best Business Schools for Management

Posted By SWatts on Jan 25, 2014 |

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The Best Business Schools for Management

Management is the core foundation of MBA programs. Management teaches students to become leaders, to effectively execute organizational change, and to leverage key skills in the workplace. It is then no surprise that the three top business schools for management happen to be the three of the best business schools in the world: Harvard, Stanford and Wharton.

Harvard Business School

The Harvard MBA is broken down into academic units, one of which is the popular and long-standing academic unit of General Management. The General Management unit concentrates on leadership and the management of a company as a whole. As such, it is one of the strongest academic units for instilling leadership qualities. This includes sharpening students’ personal qualities to reflect those of the most successful leaders and managers; teaching the philosophies, strategies and value sets that lead to success in an enterprise; and educating managers to effectively balance the relationship between the internal enterprise and the external community and stakeholders. In addition to the General Management academic unit, HBS offers concentrations in more specialized aspects of management as well including Health Care Management, Manufacturing and Technology Management, Not-for-Profit Management, Portfolio Management, and Supply Chain Management.

Stanford Graduate School of Business

The Stanford Graduate School of Business similarly centers much of its core curriculum in developing leadership skills and key management qualities. The Knight Management Center, located in the heart of the Stanford GSB campus, is only one of many tangible evidences of Stanford’s commitment to educating and generating the top managers of tomorrow. The Knight Management Center is specifically dedicated to the collaboration between Stanford MBA students and faculty, as well as between students within the rest of the Stanford campus who can often contribute innovative thoughts with specialized knowledge to build entrepreneurship. Stanford also offers the Summer Institute in General Management, which is geared toward those with non-business backgrounds seeking to delve deeper into business knowledge that will aid them in making an immediate impact in the workplace.

The Wharton School

The Wharton MBA is founded on the broad base of management. However, students can choose to major in one to two business areas or to design an individualized business major. Of the eighteen available majors at Wharton, half focus on management: General Management, Multinational Management, Operations and Information Management, Strategic Management, Marketing and Operations Management, Insurance and Risk Management, Health Care Management, Environmental and Risk Management, and Entrepreneurial Management. All of the management majors are conducted by the Management Department, which focuses on building knowledge to guide enterprises, whether it be a large, multinational corporation or a small start-up venture. While the specialized management majors have a set focus, the General Management major allows students to explore a wide variety of courses and areas of interest within the Management Department. This may be particularly suitable for students looking to find their niche or who want a broad understanding of the complex aspects of management, such as understanding the many forces that shape an organization’s strategic direction, goals, and policies.