The Cambridge Full-Time MBA

Posted By SWatts on Jan 10, 2014 |

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The Cambridge Full-Time MBA 

Located at what is considered one of the most prestigious universities in the world, the University of Cambridge, the Judge School of Business has earned a stellar reputation by its own right as one of the world’s leading business schools both in the UK and worldwide. Through an intensive 12-month program for the full-time MBA, Cambridge groups a small cohort of approximately 150 total students from around the world with the goal of transforming students into leaders of tomorrow. Typical Cambridge MBAs have extensive work experience from well-known and highly regarded firms with an approximate average of 6 years’ work experience.

In between core courses and electives, Cambridge students take part in hands-on consulting projects. These consulting projects are considered essential to earning a Cambridge MBA. By melding classroom theory with real-world application, students participate in three compulsory consulting projects and one optional individual project. The first compulsory project, the Cambridge Venture Project, groups students in teams to work with a local Cambridge entrepreneurial firm to gain experience in operating in a high-pressure, fast-moving environment. The second compulsory project, the Global Consulting Project, groups student consulting teams to advise multinational corporations or international organizations on an aspect of their business. Past companies have included Accenture, BP, IBM, and Barclay’s Bank, to name a few. The final compulsory project is less hands-on, but speaks greatly to students’ concentration. The final Capstone Project encourages groups to work to analyze one specific issue of their concentration, which can be strategy-based, finance-based, or operations-based. Lastly, an optional Individual Project is offered  during the summer so that students can work individually in an internship, conducting research in a chosen area of study, or specializing in a particular area of interest.

Another core focus of the Cambridge MBA is specialization. While Cambridge offers several unique concentrations including Finance, Health, and Beyond Profit, it is especially well known for its concentration in Entrepreneurship. Courses on entrepreneurship are offered through the Cambridge Centre for Entrepreneurial Learning, and the university also keeps close ties with the Cambridge Enterprise, a technology transfer office run by the university.

Finally, to cater toward individual interests, students engage in a myriad of opportunities for summer activities. These include intensive courses such as Entrepreneurship Boot Camp, Arts Market, and a Six Sigma Green Belt Certification Project, as well as study abroad trips and practicals including internships, language studies, and dissertations.