The Columbia Executive MBA

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The Columbia Executive MBA

Columbia Business School (CBS) is one of six Ivy League business schools in the United States, one of the most selective of its students, and one rich in both history and reputation for bringing world-changing leaders of business to light. Located in Manhattan, CBS is home to several Nobel laureate professors including Joseph Stiglitz and Robert Mundell. Its list of successful graduates is expansive and includes well-known figures such as Warren Buffett, infamous billionaire investor and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, and Louis Bacon, famed billionaire Chairman of Moore Capital Management.

Most notably, Columbia offers a vast array of options to working professionals including five executive MBA (EMBA) program options. For this reason, Columbia is cited as the largest actor in EMBA programs in the United States. The first EMBA option is the Friday/Saturday Program, where students who cannot take a large part of time away from work can meet on alternate weekends, completing the program in a total of 20 months at the New York campus. Secondly, the Saturday Program meets every Saturday over the course of 24 months at the New York campus and is the same as the Friday/Saturday Program except aimed toward those wish to enhance their career education but cannot take away from work. In addition to these two staple programs, Columbia offers three additional global and partner programs. Among these programs is the EMBA-Global Program, taught in partnership with London Business School (LBS), which selects 70 students per year to study between Columbia University and the LBS campus. The EMBA-Global Asia Program similarly runs in a partnership jointly with LBS and the University of Hong Kong, allowing students to travel between Shanghai, Hong Kong, London, and New York under the same guidelines and terms as the EMBA-Global Program. Finally, CBS’ most recently launched program is the EMBA-Global Americas Program, which will allow students to travel between CBS’ New York campus, Silicon Valley, and Latin America in order to better reach out the business students in Latin America.

The main difference between the full-time MBA and the Columbia EMBA is flexibility. Students who enroll in Columbia’s EMBA programs have an average of 9 years’ work experience and aim to further their learning in a setting that allows them the flexibility to put their newfound knowledge to immediate use in the workplace. Guidelines for admission and credit hours required for graduation are held to the same strict standards for the EMBA as they are for the regular MBA program.

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