The Emory Full-Time MBA Program

Posted By SWatts on Jan 2, 2014 |

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The Emory Full-Time MBA Program 

The Goizueta School of Business at Emory University is housed in the country’s third-largest concentration for Fortune 500 companies and the headquarters to companies such as Coca Cola and Delta Airlines – Atlanta, Georgia.

Goizueta offers two full-time MBA programs: an accelerated one-year program, and a regular two-year program. The one-year program at Goizueta is geared toward students with a platform of work experience under them and who intend to return to the workforce immediately upon graduation. Starting in May, Goizueta full-time one-year students begin their school year with an intensive overview of core courses, followed by the fall semester of elective courses and leadership development, and the spring semester of elective courses and a capstone module. However, the one-year program is geared toward someone with very specific career goals, does not require an internship for experience, and requires that students have completed coursework in Statistics, Accounting, and Microeconomics prior to the first day of class.

For students preparing to enter their first day in the workforce or their first day on a new job, the Goizueta two-year program is ideal. The Emory MBA has been able to place its students with summer internships that result in job offers 60% of the time – an extremely high percentage for first-year MBA students. This is largely due to the program structure. Goizueta students complete the majority of their required core coursework during their first semester so that by the end of their second semester, students have already completed four electives. This means that a student entering the finance sector will be able to complete courses in Corporate Finance, Private Equity, Portfolio Management, and Investment Banking upon entering the summer internship – giving them base of knowledge comparable to an MBA graduate, not just a first-year student. Subsequent to this course structure change made five years ago, the percentage of students returning from their summer internships with job offers has risen from 25% to 60%.

Additionally, the school has founded three research centers in areas of focus that are predicted to rise in popularity and necessity in the near future: alternative investments, marketing analytics and social enterprise. Each center grants fellowships to incoming students during the application process.

As a result of Emory’s MBA program structure and unique resources, 91% of Goizueta graduates had job offers upon graduation, with 98% obtaining full-time employment within three months of graduation – arguably the best placement rate of any US business school.