The Fuqua Full-Time MBA Program

Posted By SWatts on Jan 3, 2014 |

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The Fuqua Full-Time MBA Program

Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business claims to create a new generation of leaders, who are leaders of consequence. With this statement, Fuqua focuses not just on economic and pragmatic success of its MBAs, but also leaders with ethics and of socially responsible decision-making.

Fuqua stands out from other business schools in several ways. First, the MBA program strongly encourages teamwork and collaboration among its students and starts this from the first day of class when students are divided into approximately six cohorts of 70. These cohorts mix together, team together, exchange ideas together, and form lifelong friendships together. As a result, Fuqua students are heavily involved in school life and are committed to their campus and their learning experience. Cohorts additionally go through a 3-day orientation together, followed by a 3.5-week Global Institute over the summer before the first semester of classes. The Global Institute combines fun, active outdoor workshops with three integrative courses: Leadership, Ethics, and Organizations (LEO), Global Institutions and Environments (GIE), and Consequential Leadership I (C-LEAD I).

Continuing the affirmation of cultivating leaders of consequence, Fuqua MBAs undergo experiential learning throughout the process in order to put their skills to the test in a real-to-life, hands-on way. Experiential learning at Duke ranges from consulting with an international business or taking a trek to a foreign country. Some examples include the Global Academic Travel Experience, where students study business, culture and politics over 6 weeks before visiting a foreign country for 2 weeks to see their knowledge come to life; Fuqua Client Consulting Practicum, where Duke MBAs collaborate with all types of business, such as non-profits or global corporations in developing markets; the Program for Entrepreneurs, which guides future entrepreneurs to define, plan and create effective business models for implementation; or the Student Exchange Programs, where students can study in a foreign country for their winter, summer, or other short-term break at any of the school’s partnering universities.

Finally, Fuqua MBAs are known to be extremely active both on campus and outside of campus. This includes case competitions, where students have the opportunity to voice their ideas in exchange for prizes and recognition; the Distinguished Speaker Series, offering students the chance to network with high-profile executives; and Week-in -Cities trips, giving students the opportunity to travel around the country to gain insight into how an industry functions at the top of its field.