The Future of Big Data at London Business School

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The Future of Big Data at London Business School

Managers and businesspeople today have access to more data than ever before. With the proliferation and availability of data on the Internet shared through databases across continents, the analysis of big groups of data is becoming more important than ever. Presenting an educated group of people with a persuasive set of analyzed data is one of the best ways to influence decision, to make lean processes work, and to cut out waste and focus on greater efficiency.

London Business School’s (LBS) curriculum for Executive MBAs and Global Executive MBAs in Dubai, New York and London have taken the critical and rising use of big data into courses and projects, teaching students how to manipulate data, retrieve data from data sources, and configure results into persuasive business reports. Students thus far have been able to take their experience in current business industries to use data from operations, sales, customer satisfaction reports, and technology and integrate this wealth of quantitative information into data projects.

Collecting the data from these systems is only one step of the process that will be key to success. The big data that is collected from these systems and used in student projects will give greater insight into how industry processes can be radically improved, where wasteful energy and efforts are being squandered, and in which areas time and financial investment needs to take place. Interpreting and analyzing big sets of data will also be crucial for the customer service industry where it is necessary to use data to interpret how customer wants and needs align with company outputs and designs.

In light of this proliferation of big data, LBS students have been challenged with finding new ways to manipulate these large streams of company data, which will not only gain them recognition from the LBS community and the companies for whom their data analysis tools were improved, but, on a grander scale, will prepare them for success in an evolving world of business persuasion and marketing where influence is wielded by quantitative results.

LBS has also initiated a panel directed at Executive MBAs, bringing in large company CEOs and COOs to speak to the impact that big data has made in their companies and how it will continue to effect business. Panelists include Ray Eitel-Porter, Head of Analytics UK & Ireland, Accenture; Dr Ragu Bharadwaj, COO, Babbage Analytics & Innovation; and Simon Schneider Head of Europe, Innocentive.

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