The Global Business Experience at London Business School

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The Global Business Experience at London Business School

2012 marked the first two Global Business Experience (GBE) trips for second-year MBA students at London Business School (LBS). GBEs were added to the full-time MBA program in the early 2012-2013 academic year to emphasize LBS’s academic doctrine of experiential learning in a global setting. Second-year GBE participants travel around the world in small groups with faculty members to complete and execute projects that are pertinent to each location’s designated theme and region. Students embark on 7-day excursions filled with company visits, workshops, lectures, and guest speakers in order to gain experience and greater relevant understanding on each industry through alumni, industry leaders, and thought-provoking speakers.

LBS’s first GBE was held in September 2012 when 80 MBA students traveled to Boston and New York under the theme of Management Training. These students completed projects to evaluate and appraise management industry with the final test of being asked to properly gauge how prices of financial assets are determined. While paired in groups led by two senior staff members representing two diverse subject areas, students engaged with executive staff members of well-known organizations such as The New York Stock Exchange and gained valuable insight into large-scale companies and management training programs.

In December 2012, LBS made its second trek to Johannesburg, South Africa with 96 second-year MBA students. Similar to the New York and Boston experience, students were pushed outside their comfort levels, interacting in foreign environments and with classmates and faculty previously not collaborated with. The theme for the week-long learning trek was Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth: The Role of Micro-Entrepreneurs. In one of the world’s fastest growing economies, students were given insight into the roles of the entrepreneurial system network and how micro-entrepreneurs play a unique part in the emergence of a developing market economy. Students worked directly with entrepreneurs and interacted with guest alumni speakers, such as Ebenezer Essoka, CEO of Standard Charter Bank.

LBS is globally connected, with students in 33 International Exchange programs worldwide, faculty originating from 31 countries, and MBA students from 68 countries. Engaging students in the opportunity to participate in GBEs emphasizes the school’s commitment to experience-based learning and the need for students as future business leaders to become adaptable in a global setting. GBE trips set for 2014 will travel across nearly all continents and provide a rich resource for learning and networking.




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