The Haas Part-Time MBA

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The Haas Part-Time MBA

The Haas part-time MBA program allows students to choose between evenings (two evenings per week for first-year students) and weekends, giving professionals the unabated work time to grow within their field while simultaneously expanding their knowledge and giving the needed push to further rise in their industry. Held over the course of three years, Haas part-timers are entitled to the same resources, curriculum, faculty and professors as full-time students. This opens students to a wide network of over 40,000 Haas alumni, over 458,000 world-renowned UC Berkeley alumni, comprehensive career services, and the opportunity to expand one’s horizons in the Bay Area, neighboring San Francisco and Silicon Valley – both of which are hubs to entrepreneurship, cultural growth, and some of the fastest growing industries in America.

Inspired by the Berkeley Innovative Leadership Development (BILD) program that has become part of the Haas curriculum, the first year of the part-time program exposes students to an intensive overview of general management, teaching how to drive growth through innovative ideas. Students are constantly encouraged to question established norms and engage in debate with fellow classmates and professors. In the second and third years of study, students complete electives from a wide range of options including Finance, Operations, Real Estate, Nonprofit and Public Leadership, and Corporate Sustainability. In addition, while part-time MBA students often already have a global perspective from leading teams on an international scale and traveling for work, the program offers the opportunity to expand that knowledge through global business courses such as Global Strategy and International Marketing, as well as through Seminars in International Business, which allows students to travel through China, Turkey, Brazil and other countries. This introduces them to a new business culture, the challenges that business face in that country, and the opportunity to further examine global trends.

The culture at Haas is defined through four guiding principles: (1) Always question the status quo (2) Have the confidence to act without arrogance (3) Always be a student, and (4) Lead ethically and responsibly, as decisions’ effects extend beyond yourself. Each of these principles is used as criteria in the admissions process and as direction for classroom mindset, defining new standards for tomorrow’s innovative leaders today. By embodying these four principles, students will learn to transform their capabilities to definitively lead each unique and challenging situation encountered as business leaders.

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