The INSEAD Abu Dhabi Campus

Posted By SWatts on Jan 19, 2014 |

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The INSEAD Abu Dhabi Campus

INSEAD’s campus in Abu Dhabi is the newest of the school’s three campuses, having been erected in 2007 and inaugurated in 2010, and is open only to open enrollment executive education students.

The Middle East section of the Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) takes place over ten modules, equaling twelve weeks in total over fifteen months. While students attend all three INSEAD campuses in Singapore, France and Abu Dhabi, students whose main campus is Abu Dhabi spend six weeks on the Abu Dhabi campus, four to six weeks on the Singapore campus, and two to three weeks on the France campus, giving students the opportunity to meet and connect with sister students at other INSEAD campuses.

INSEAD chose Abu Dhabi as the home of the school’s third campus because the Middle East has continued to play an interesting and impactful role in the global economy. Abu Dhabi has expanded into a large cosmopolitan metropolis, making up well over 50% of the United Arab Emirates’ GDP annually. Not only is Abu Dhabi rich in natural resources such as oil and gas, but it has also birthed a flourishing industry for retail, real estate and tourism. Each of these sectors is strongly supported by the improving infrastructure in the city as well as its central positioning on a port to the Persian Gulf.

Besides GEMBA, INSEAD offers over 45 open enrollment programs and over 120 customized executive education programs. At the Abu Dhabi campus, these programs have included Transition to General Management, which equips senior managers to master the move from specialized to general management through decision making and leadership skills; Blue Ocean Strategy, which helps students create “blue oceans” of market space without competition in a world presently characterized by cutthroat marketing and diminishing profit pools; and Finance for Executives, which introduces non-financial expert executives to a comprehensive plate of necessary basics about value-based management, strategic decision making, and communication between departments. Other open programs are region-focused or industry-focused, or include topics such as marketing, sales, family business, operations management, leadership, top management and strategy. Executive education students are also open to attend the INSEAD LIVE Series, a series of webinars presented by INSEAD professors and some of the world’s top thinkers in business innovation on topics that will impact tomorrow’s businesses.

While the official language of Abu Dhabi is Arabic, fluent English is a prerequisite for all INSEAD applicants.