The INSEAD Global Executive MBA

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The INSEAD Global Executive MBA

INSEAD, ranked as the #1 global business school by Bloomberg BusinessWeek and QS Global 200 Business Schools Report, offers experienced professionals an opportunity to expand their business knowledge on a global integrative platform. Executive education students have the option to study in Europe or Asia, and are the only group of INSEAD students with the option of studying at the INSEAD Middle East campus. Each year, approximately 9,500 from every continent take part in INSEAD programs and courses, making INSEAD one of the most diversified international business programs in the world.

INSEAD Global Executive MBA (GEMBA) students are accepted to the program based on a strong profile of professional success. Accepted candidates have experience ranging from 7 to 12 years of professional work experience, as well as an average of 3 years in management experience. Because of students’ high-ranking, high-potential placement in companies, GEMBA is part-time and allows students to continue impacting their companies with newfound knowledge while obtaining higher education. The average student spends between 45 to 60 days away from the workplace (depending on which campus is his/her main campus) over the program’s course of 14 to 17 months.

All students attend classes at the three INSEAD campuses: the Middle East campus in Abu Dhabi, the Asia campus in Singapore, and the Europe campus in Fontainebleau, France. However, students choose one campus as their regional focus, where all core courses are taken. Finally, cohorts join together for electives and key management challenges. Similar to electives, key management challenges are courses chosen by each individual student, allowing students to view business problems from different perspectives, identify a common problem and propose a possible solution. Topics have included Surviving Management Buy-In in the First 100 Days, Corporate Governance, and Value Creation and Blueline Management.

When many managers return to school after years of professional work, they maintain a vision of academia as a lecture being given to quiet, note-taking students. INSEAD, however, contrasts this image through Innovative Learning Methods. These methods counteract the idea of teacher-student learning and provide a solid platform of encouraging interactive learning, bringing theory into practice inside and outside the classroom, and maintaining the notion that everyone – including teachers – is a student. With that, GEMBA students are able to master their own method of learning, applying it to real-time practice and educating others while educating themselves.

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