Posted By SWatts on Jan 31, 2013 |

Many candidates ask me what I think about the top U.K. and European MBA programs. There are many excellent options to consider. One of my favorites is INSEAD, or the European Institute of Business Administration. Referred to by some as the “Harvard of Europe,” INSEAD is one of Europe’s most predominant and distinguished graduate business schools. INSEAD is most known for offering a multicultural, international experience for future business leaders to gain an understanding of global business building. With campuses in Asia, Europe, and the Middle East, and affiliations with the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania, a student exchange program at Kellogg School of Management, and mutual contracts with Harvard Business School, Stanford School of Business, and Kellogg School of Management to share career advising resources, INSEAD is uniquely positioned to give its students access to an uncontested wealth of information and opportunity.

The INSEAD MBA program is taught on both the Asia Campus in Singapore and the Europe Campus in Fontainebleau, France. The Middle East Campus in Abu Dhabi only functions for the executive education program. Most MBA students spend their tenure on both the Asia and Europe campuses. Additionally, MBA students are given the opportunity to participate in an exchange program at the North American campus in New York City.

INSEAD distinguishes itself from many other MBA programs in that the program is completed within the span of one year. This one-year intensive program challenges the brightest and the best students to push themselves to gain the most practical knowledge, academic prowess, and business-focused competency within a total of ten months, thus saving money on an extended MBA program and allowing students to spend only minimal time out of the job market.

With such a diverse class, part of the INSEAD experience is learning to collaborate and build alliances with colleagues of different cultures, backgrounds, and with ideas very different from one’s own. Thus, each INSEAD MBA student is strategically placed in a group of five to six classmates, with each person representing a unique perspective. Groups are assigned during the first four months to cover the core curriculum, whereas groups for the elective segment of the program are to be chosen by the students. In each case, the group experience teaches the importance of learning to negotiate, collaborate, and stimulate each dynamic person within the group.

At INSEAD, one gains a distinct international experience; INSEAD is one of the most influential top-tier business schools worldwide. With over eighty nationalities represented in each class and alumni from over 150 countries on all continents, the INSEAD experience is the perfect place to begin and build a globally impacting career.

– Dr. Shelle Watts and the Staff of MBA