The Johnson Executive MBA Program

Posted By SWatts on Mar 26, 2014 |

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The Johnson Executive MBA Program

Cornell University’s Johnson School of Business offers two executive MBA (EMBA) programs: the traditional Cornell Executive MBA, and the Cornell-Queens Executive MBA.

The Cornell admissions committee has stated that it seeks to enroll students with diverse cultural and professional backgrounds, who also show significant amounts of motivation, commitment, and willingness to contribute to the classroom learning environment.

The traditional Cornell EMBA program is held over a 22-month period on Saturday and Sunday mornings on alternate weekends. In addition to this, students are also expected to attend four residency sessions on the Cornell University campus, each of which typically last a week. This schedule is designed to accommodate professionals who are continuing to work full-time for their current company while also maintaining a full class load. The integrated curriculum of the Cornell EMBA allows students to customize their experience by applying coursework to their own organization through individual assignments. Students will also take part in a Global Business Project, analyzing an international business issue or opportunity with a team in any market outside of the U.S. Finally, students will learn the importance of practicing entrepreneurship in the Innovation and New Venture Creation Project. Through the project, students will identify a market opportunity, formulate a business plan, identify sources for capital venture funding, and create a comprehensive business plan for their intended innovation. With these skills, students are ensured to have a broad knowledge base that will accompany them in strategic decision-making throughout the years of their careers.

The Cornell-Queens EMBA program provides more flexibility for students whose primary work takes place in another location. The Cornell-Queens EMBA program features boardroom site locations across the U.S. east and west coasts, parts of Canada, and Monterrey, Mexico. From these locations, classes are held three Saturdays per month via multi-point videoconferencing to the boardroom sites. In addition, students are required to travel to the Cornell and Queen’s University campuses for three residency sessions during the program’s 16-month duration. Like the traditional Cornell EMBA, students in the Cornell-Queens EMBA take part in a Global Business Project and New Venture Project. At the end of the program, students are awarded with dual degrees: a Master of Business Administration from Cornell University and Master of Business Administration from Queen’s University.

In addition to the formal EMBA programs, Cornell also offers specialized executive education classes for experienced managers.