The Johnson Full-Time MBA Program

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The Johnson Full-Time MBA Program

At Cornell University, the Johnson Graduate School of Management offers two full-time MBA programs: the two-year MBA and the accelerated MBA, both offered at the Ithaca Campus in New York. Although the requirements for the programs differ, students in each program undertake the same courses and have access to the same university resources. Having fostered the grounds for successful business leaders such as Booz & Company Chairman Joe Saddi, S.C. Johnson & Son CEO Fisk Johnson, and Kraft Foods CEO Irene Rosenfelt, Johnson Graduate School of Management catapults students into a multitude of hands-on experience-based learning opportunities and cutting-edge academics that has cultivated leaders in business since 1946.

The Johnson Two-Year MBA

The two-year MBA spreads over 21 months, with a summer internship in between the two academic years, as well as a two-week orientation at the beginning of the program. With a faculty to student ratio of 1:6, orientation introduces students to fellow classmates as well as the professors and faculty who will be students’ colleagues for the proceeding two years at Cornell.

Graduating students of the two-year MBA program fare extremely well in the job market. 42% of graduates accepted offers in the finance sector and 29% accepted offers in the consulting sector, with 80% of students earning a mean base salary of $106,900.

One of the defining components of the Johnson MBA is immersive learning. In the two-year MBA program, students complete the majority of the core curriculum during their first semester. In the second semester, students choose an immersion learning experience. There are seven options to choose from for the immersion experience: capital markets and asset management; investment banking; managerial finance; strategic operations; strategic marketing; sustainable global enterprise; or customized immersion. Each immersion will submerse students into electives, site visits, case studies, and empower them to form relationships with recruiters and employers. This allows students to concentrate their knowledge in a chosen field of interest and gain valuable insight and networking contacts into their chosen field.

In addition to completing regular coursework and elective requirements, second-year students have the option to take part in a Johnson study abroad program, which opens students to every continent in the world except Antarctica. Students are selected into the program through a formal admissions process and will exchange places with a student from the foreign university. Each partnering institution represents the highest caliber of international business education and opens excellent opportunities for Johnson students to put themselves into the international marketplace, and to allow international students to get ahead in the United States business arena as well.

The Johnson Accelerated MBA

As Johnson’s second full-time MBA program, students of the Accelerated MBA (AMBA) earn the same degree, but differ in backgrounds. The typical Johnson AMBA student has a clear career path already laid out, and many are returning to their set sector of interest. Johnson AMBA students are characteristic of meeting one of two standards: (1) have already obtained a master’s or doctoral degree, or (2) are applying to the AMBA program concurrently with another graduate professions degree such as JD/MBA, MD/MBA, MEng/MBA, or MHA/MBA programs.

The 12-month AMBA program begins with an in-depth 10-week summer term that covers core courses and professional development sessions. The following fall semester concludes the core courses, a management practicum, and a two-week internship. In the final semester during the spring, students take electives and are eligible to participate in the immersion programs, same as the two-year MBA students, and can choose from the following immersion experience programs: managerial finance; strategic marketing; or sustainable global enterprise.

During the course of spring semester electives, AMBA students will also have the option of choosing up to two concentrations, one based on breadth disciplines (consulting, entrepreneurship, leadership, global management, and sustainable global enterprise) and one based on depth disciplines (corporate finance, financial investing, financial analysis, marketing analytics, marketing management, private equity, and strategy). Concentrations may be particularly useful for AMBA students, as AMBA students are furthering their specialization in an already-chosen field of pursuit and have an average of four years in previous work experience before joining the Johnson AMBA.

AMBA students are not isolated from fellow MBAs. In fact, AMBAs take the same courses and work with the same faculty members as MBA students, giving AMBAs the ability to build community, teamwork, and long-lasting networking contacts. Additionally, all full-time MBA and AMBA students have access to equal on-campus resources, over 100 clubs, physical education courses that include horseback riding, massage therapy, fencing and tennis, and the 13,000+ Johnson alumni network. Because of the high-intensity workload that Johnson students take on, the social life also tends to take on a high level of energy, often forming lifelong bonds between students both inside and outside campus walls.