The Kelley Full-Time MBA

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The Kelley Full-Time MBA 

The Kelley MBA at Indiana University gives its students an advantage through gaining leading-edge knowledge in business management, developing key leadership skills, and receiving the necessary guidance to cultivate knowledge and experience into a full-fledged career.

Kelley students start out their program by delving into core coursework with a small, close-knit team. Courses include Critical Thinking, Economic Foundations, and Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions. From there, Kelley students choose which academy they want to join – one of the most unique aspects of the Kelley program. Kelley Academies come in two separate categories: academies for first-year students, and academies for second-year students. In the first year, Kelley students choose one of six subjects: Business Marketing, Capital Markets, Consulting, Consumer Marketing, Strategic Finance, or Supply Chain. Students can also boost their first-year academy experience by joining PLUS Life Sciences, a supplemental academies category for students interested in life sciences, health care, or pharmaceuticals. Each academy is unique and sets students up in experiential learning projects and consulting services with top local companies to deliver recommendations and advice on business procedures and operations. Not only do Kelley students each get an academy director as a mentor, but they are also assigned a career coach and a second-year peer coach to help students develop a personal brand and a fitting career path.

With academy experience, Kelley students are then able to make an informed decision when choosing a major in one of seven areas, including Business Analytics, Entrepreneurship and Corporate Innovation, Finance, Management, Marketing, Strategic Analysis of Accounting, or Supply Chain and Operations. Students are also able to take a second-year optional academy in either Entrepreneurial Innovation or Leadership to further develop personal skills that will aid them in making an impressionable difference in the business realm.

Finally, Kelley offers several opportunities for students to gain key experiences in businesses and cultures abroad. The Global Business and Social Enterprise Program (GLOBASE), for example, places students to work with entrepreneurs and nonprofits in emerging business in developing countries throughout Latin America, Africa, and India. Through GLOBASE, students learn to project long-term strategies, meet and negotiate with clients, and meet industry-specific challenges with stride. Another global experience is available through the Emerging Markets Experience (EME), a hands-on, research-based program that teams students with faculty with the aim of answering a key question in an emerging market. Students gather to pose one single question – any question pertaining to business worldwide – and seek to develop a curriculum and answer the question in a 10-day trek to the country in which the question is being posed, giving Kelley students insight to a new country, new culture, new business, and potentially new language.

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