The Kellogg Executive Career Acceleration Program

Posted By SWatts on Dec 10, 2013 |

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The Kellogg Executive Career Acceleration Program

Studies have shown that employees who have been formally assessed in their performance and leadership competencies are 8 times more likely to be promoted. With this fact in mind, Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management launched, in collaboration with Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting, the Kellogg Executive Career Acceleration Program (ECAP), aimed to heighten executives to this level. Catered exclusively to Kellogg’s executive MBAs, ECAP will consult with EMBA students over the course of a year and work one-on-one with Korn/Ferry consultants to evaluate students’ leadership abilities, deliver proactive feedback with interactive discussion of areas that should be improved upon, and work in group learning sessions to better understand how each student is perceived by others and how this perception will affect their success in the workplace. By thoroughly evaluating EMBA students in this manner, ECAP will better equip executives and professionals for reaching the tipping point that will allow their careers to rapidly excel in the competitive market.

Korn/Ferry Leadership and Talent Consulting is an international firm that works mainly with C-suite executives to help sculpt them into more refined leaders with a better understanding of themselves and the perception that is emitted to others. The Korn/Ferry evaluation procedure includes a 360-degree peer review, where between 8 and 15 of the student’s colleagues are invited to review the student on leadership competencies and workplace skills, and a self-assessment, among other comprehensive leadership development workshops and tests.

Different from the many “Leadership 101” or “How to be a Great Leader” books available to students around the world, Kellogg’s ECAP recognizes that there is no one proper “one size fits all” means to evaluating a personality and assessing how one can better excel as a leader. Instead, the program seeks to assess an individual’s personal strengths and weaknesses to teach how to bridge the gaps that those weaknesses expose and work toward a more holistic vision of oneself as a leader. The idea follows that something cannot be improved until the problem is identified.

As it stands, ECAP is becoming a requirement for all Kellogg executive MBAs. The hoped-for result of ECAP is greater self-awareness: self-awareness of how one’s actions affect others, self-awareness of how others perceive the person in question, and ultimately self-awareness of how one can change how others perceive them based on their desires for leadership.