The Kellogg Full-Time MBA

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The Kellogg Full-Time MBA

Kellogg School of Management, offered at Northwestern University, hosts two highly acclaimed full-time MBA programs, the 2-year program and the accelerated 1-year program, both of which combine creativity with intellectuality.

The traditional 2-year program at Kellogg enrolls just under 1,000 students annually to complete a 6-quarter program comprised of core courses such as finance, marketing, accounting, decision science, and strategy in the first year, followed by a customized course load in the second year.

The 1-year full-time program offers a similar load, but only in one year. This program is specifically targeted toward students who meet several criteria. First, they must have already been able to complete 5 of the 6 required courses: accounting, finance, marketing, statistics, operations and economics (completed from any university except online courses). Second, these students must have specific career goals and ample work experience. Finally, students enrolled in the 1-year program must plan to immediately return to the workplace upon graduation. With this, the Kellogg 1-year program allows business professionals to broaden their horizons and network with new business contacts within a relatively short period of time.

Two things that make Kellogg stand out are the experiential learning portion of the program, and the Global Elective Requirement. The academic coursework introduces students to theory, while the experiential learning aspect allows the students to apply learned theories and use newfound knowledge in real-world application. Through courses and labs, students work closely with faculty, alumni and business leaders. Buyout Lab, for instance, places students in a quarter-long internship position with either a local or national private equity firm. Similarly, the Management Lab connects students with nonprofit firms and corporations in the local Chicago area, enabling them to take on real-world critical business issues and present solutions through consulting and field reviews.

Finally, the Global Elective Requirement was made a prerequisite for the Kellogg MBA as of 2008. Students must take any of the following one-unit courses in order to satisfy the requirement: Cross-Cultural Negotiation, International Finance, International Marketing, International Business Strategy, or Global Initiatives in Management, or any approved study-abroad programs. This requirement ensures that Kellogg MBA students walk away with not just greater business skills and acumen, but also a more profound understanding of foreign cultures and how to strategically manage a firm in a society that is becoming more diverse and globalized.

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