The Kellogg Miami Campus for Executive MBAs

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The Kellogg Miami Campus for Executive MBAs

The Kellogg School of Management is the only top MBA program in the United States to establish a fully-fledged campus in the southeastern United States. With a campus in Miami provided for sole use by executive MBAs, the Kellogg Miami Campus attracts many top business leaders and executives from Latin America who, due to the closer proximity, can fly to Miami on a monthly basis for weekend courses. Approximately 30% of the students in Kellogg’s Miami-based EMBA program travel from outside the United States to attend classes.

Currently, participants in the Miami-based EMBA program come to campus once a month to attend classes, tutorials, and student study groups in person. Over the course of the two-year executive program, students also undergo four comprehensive “live-in” weeks to attend weeklong meetings and collaborate with fellow students. Because the campus is only four miles away from the Miami International Airport, the location is ideal for the large proportion of commuting students.

In addition to the exemplary curriculum offered by the Kellogg EMBA program, the Miami location is ideal for students due to the fact that Miami is a prime trading and business port for the United States. The port of Miami houses many international businesses, bringing in products from Latin America and Asia, and offering a diverse playing field for growing businesspersons to study start-up growth, the dynamics of international trade economy on corporate business. The prime location also provides the opportunity to collaborate and network with local Miami businesses as well as the wide Latin American population that participates in the Kellogg EMBA program.

In 2011, as a result of the increasing popularity of Kellogg’s Miami-based program, located in Coral Gables, Florida, among Latin American executives, the school made the decision to expand the campus for the second time in a mere five years. The expansion will add oval-shaped classrooms, additional study group rooms, and an additional 10,000 feet to the growing campus. Although both the Evanston and Miami campuses that Kellogg offers maintain equal standards of rigor and academia, each location offers a distinct perspective on the angles and dynamics that exist between the various aspects of business-building and influential business leadership.

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