The Ross Full-Time MBA Program

Posted By SWatts on Jan 5, 2014 |

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The Ross Full-Time MBA Program

The Ross School of Business embeds four distinct values into its students – leadership, innovation, teamwork, and maturity. To be accepted to Ross means that you have shown the admissions committee that you are able to balance these four values in your life, and that you seek to continue to utilize these values in your future career path.

Despite being located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, close to Detroit – a city which has seen terrible depression from the financial crisis – Ross has branded itself as a business school for the nation and the world, appealing to a variety of backgrounds and interests. The 2012 Employment Report for Ross graduates shows 81.9% of Ross MBAs receiving a job offer by graduation, with the majority of students (38.1%) entering consulting, followed by marketing (21.4%), and finance (18.9%), with the average salary ranging between $100,000 and $126,000, depending on the industry entered.

One of the most unique highlights of the Ross MBA program is their action-based learning. Ross was one of the first business schools to incorporate action-based learning into their MBA program, and it has so been maintained that it has become a solid trademark of the school and its students. Action-based learning at Ross takes form through many different paths. First, one of the main manners of study at Ross is to address a real problem, diagnose the roots, and make the solution actionable. The Multidisciplinary Action Program (MAP) is another signature program at Ross. MAP is a core requirement for first-year Ross students in the spring semester. Companies in diversified industries from around the world propose challenging projects to be handed off to Ross MBAs. Projects can include a variety of issues from marketing in China to working in a health clinic in New Guinea. Once assigned a project, students enter the semester-long journey to prepare a final deliverable to the company. The process of delivering a MAP project includes understanding project scope, planning, collecting and analyzing data, evaluating alternatives, proposing recommendations, and delivering a final proposal.

Finally, many students choose end up choosing and accepting Ross because of their friendly policies on academics (catering to students’ interests) and admissions. Ross’ admission policies attempt to meet the needs of each student, providing services that many B-schools do not, including flexibility on the English language proficiency requirement, considering an appeal if you are rejected, and allowing students to request a deferral for admission.