The Sloan Full-Time MBA

Posted By SWatts on Jan 7, 2014 |

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The Sloan Full-Time MBA 

MIT Sloan School of Management is a unique program in that it is housed on the MIT campus, is viewed as an integral part of the university, and offers its students not just the renowned faculty in the business school as well as all of its other schools, but also the opportunity for MBA students to meet and collaborate with MIT PhD students in engineering, economics, computer science, and business. These types of collaborations are often what, in combination with the excellent academics, create innovative startups and new technologies that lead to successful businesses.

One of the main components that stands out most at MIT are the Action Learning courses. One example of Action Learning at Sloan is the Innovation Teams. Innovation Teams, in the spirit of cross-campus collaboration, bring together Sloan MBA students and MIT School of Engineering students in an effort to learn about and create commercialized science products. Innovation Teams take place over a semester-long course, giving students the opportunity to collaborate on a weekly basis, meet and interact with guest lecturers and faculty members, and ultimately create a viable company idea or product that many students have used to compete in the MIT $100K Entrepreneurship Competition.

One of the most popular Action Learning Labs offered at Sloan is the Global Entrepreneurship Lab, or G-Lab. G-Lab is the leading international internship course offered through Sloan, merging MBA students with global entrepreneurs throughout countries such as Brazil, Ghana, Uruguay, and more than 15 additional emerging markets worldwide. During the fall semester, students contact and begin to collaborate with a global organization while simultaneously taking a course on-campus at Sloan to learn about the dynamics of markets in developing countries. The following January, students fly overseas to spend three weeks working on-site with their host company to ultimately come up with a deliverable to help lead and sustain the company. Examples of past collaborating companies have included a health clinic in Kenya, an IT outsourcing company in Bangalore, and a venture capital firm in Vietnam. Other Action Learning programs include the Leadership Lab (L-Lab), India Lab (I-Lab), and Sustainable Business Lab (S-Lab).

While experiential learning is one of the key parts of the Sloan MBA, the academic curriculum is just as rewarding and rigorous, offering students a customizable curriculum where students can freely choose their courses of interest, or choose a specialized track of study, such as Sustainability, Finance, or Enterprise Management.