The Stern Full-Time MBA Program

Posted By SWatts on Jan 4, 2014 |

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The Stern Full-Time MBA Program

When many prospective MBA applicants think of the perfect location to learn about industry, growth, and business, their eyes turn straight to New York University’s Stern School of Business. In the center of Greenwich Village, Stern gives students the “Big Apple Advantage”, linking students with heads of industry, ground-shaking entrepreneurs, and the rich variety of institutions based in New York City. Additionally, one of the many benefits of going to Stern is the pool of alumni habituating in New York City. At every corner, Stern MBAs will be able to connect with alumni and form those important networks that may lead to career prospects, mentorships, or another influential relationships.

While there are many benefits to going to Stern, including its high ranking nationally as a top business school, there are several aspects of the Stern MBA that often stand out to prospective applicants more than others.

First, the Stern faculty and staff are known for their responsiveness and activity in the academic and professional world. For instance, in 2009 during the height of the global financial crisis, Stern professors were among the first to speak to media regarding their thoughts and analyses of the crises, and by the end of the first quarter, 33 professors collaborated to pull together a total of 18 white papers detailing the financial crisis. The Stern faculty has since published several books on the financial crisis and on regaining financial stability.

Second, Stern is ideal for students ready to make a switch in career paths. Through the Industry Mentoring Initiative (IMI), Stern MBAs have the opportunity to become immersed in any of five industries (investment banking, consulting, marketing, media & entertainment, or sales & trading) by gaining a personal mentor and hands-on experience in the industry to see if the fit is right for their future career.

Third, one of the most popular programs available at Stern is “Doing Business In…” Doing Business In places students around the world in an intensive, immersive two- to six-week study abroad program filled with faculty lectures, corporate visits, and guest speakers from the heads of governments and international industry leaders. This sufficiently prepares Stern MBAs for not only succeeding in the US, but for succeeding in any exceedingly globalized marketplace.

While Stern accepts a wide background of students, they seek students who show a breadth and depth of emotional intelligence (EI) that so many business leaders today attest to contributing to their success, ensuring that students are not only academically smart, but savvy enough to navigate the volatile business world.