The Wharton Full-Time MBA

Posted By SWatts on Nov 29, 2013 |

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The Wharton Full-Time MBA

Currently ranked #3 globally by The Financial Times, the Wharton full-time MBA program provides its MBA students with more course offerings, areas of concentration, research opportunities, and electives than any other business school worldwide, as well as flexible options to ensure that student’s career goals meet their academic aspirations.

The experience at Wharton is about turning your knowledge into action. Wharton gives students the opportunity to learn leadership skills through student clubs and conferences, as well as volunteer and non-profit initiatives such as the Non-Profit Board Leadership Program and Leadership Fellowships. Leadership opportunities and experiences such as these are built into the student experience from the very start: in mid-August students have their first experience in leadership and team building through the Learning Team Retreat. The Learning Team Retreat takes place at Camp Green Lane outside of Philadelphia kicks off leadership building and development, forcing MBA students to work together in teams mentored by second-year students through Learning Teams.

Another opportunity for leadership building at Wharton for MBA students is through the Leadership Development Workshop Series, a free 1 to 3-day workshop immersing students in leadership development through active learning. Examples of workshops include The Art of Woo, teaching persuasion; Managing Conflict with Power and Presence, teaching listening skills and how to manage emotion; and Leader as Storyteller, learning how to connect with people and build leadership through the spoken word.

Another key aspect of the Wharton MBA is learning how to govern and take charge of your leadership skills through feedback and mentoring. The Wharton Executive Feedback and Coaching Program examines the 15 to 20 team groups that Wharton MBAs participate in throughout their tenure at Wharton and provides a rich collection of data to students so that they can better understand their team’s work. The program includes a self-appraisal and peer evaluation session, followed by constructive feedback received over time. Students also receive personalized one-on-one feedback from coaches for how to address challenge areas and use strengths to build on leadership skills.

From the vast range of leadership skills that Wharton embeds into its students to the ability to choose any of 15+ interdisciplinary degree, nearly 200 electives, and any of 18 specializations or an individualized major, Wharton MBAs leave with a greater sense of their abilities, how to integrate their abilities into business domestically and globally, and how to confront problems today with sound reasoning, persuasive data, and strong governance.