Tuck and the Council on Business and Society’s International Forum

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Tuck and the Council on Business and Society’s International Forum

The Council on Business and Society has risen out of an alliance formed by five of the top business schools internationally: the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth, Keio Business School in Tokyo, the School of Management of Fudan University in Shanghai, ESSEC Business School in France, EAESP of Brazil, and the Business School of the University of Mannheim. Each of the schools have partnered together on the founding belief that change in the future will have a large impact on how business is conducted and how corporate governance can better assist society. Together, the five countries make up approximately 50% of the total global economic output.

November 2012 marked the inaugural International Forum, an event held by the Council on Business and Society at the ESSEC Business School in France.The theme for the first of many forums to follow was “Corporate Governance and Leadership in a Global World”, covering topics such as, How should corporate governance be defined? What ethical qualities should be of the utmost importance for corporate leaders? What role will corporate governance play in the future, and how will its role shape society? How can corporations counterbalance the need for profitability with its responsibility to stakeholders? 

The forum topics built around the belief that today’s business students will be severely impacted by the above questions, and that forming a business among questions of ethical standards will become more important than ever before – a supposition that was confirmed given a survey that was administered to the six conjoining business schools’ MBA students. The council also discusses key relationships that will be determined in the future, for instance, that businesses will be highly reliant on one another and formed through crucial alliances and teamwork. In contrast to the past, future business success will be built on a solid web of global interconnectedness rather than through headstrong autonomy. Instead, corporations will have a paired mission, built equally on success and the ability to contribute to society ethically and sustainably.

The forum is open to the public and features well-known professors, researchers, corporate leaders and company representatives. In future years, each of the allied business schools will take turns hosting the International Forum in their home country.

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